Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment in Santa Rosa, CA

Modern medicine has become so advanced that we’re able to use laser treatment to deal with a variety of skin issues. Whether you’re dealing with acne scars, unwanted hair, damaged skin, or unsightly veins, laser treatment from your dermatologist can help you deal with these issues. Laser treatment is extremely precise and can help you start feeling comfortable and happy in your skin again.

Laser Treatment for Your Skin

There are many imperfections that we might deal with on our skin. If you have acne scars on your face or arms, it can feel uncomfortable to show those areas off and you may find yourself covering up with clothes or makeup, which can cause more acne to occur in the future. Using laser treatment, your dermatologist will be able to target your scars and smoothen your skin out. This can give you a nice even texture and will increase your confidence.

If you have unsightly veins on your legs, it can feel awkward during the summer when you may want to show your legs off. Laser treatment can also target these veins and help reduce their size and how noticeable they are.

If you hate shaving but love the feel of smooth skin, there’s another laser treatment for you! You can get rid of unwanted hair and maintain smooth skin without needing to shave or wax every few weeks. You’ll be able to enjoy long-term results that you can feel happy with. This can be done just about anywhere that hair grows on your body.

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Lasers are the technology of the future, today! Contact your dermatologist at NorCal Dermatology in Santa Rosa, CA, at (707) 527-9517 to learn more about different types of laser treatments and how they can help all of your skin needs! Start feeling comfortable in your skin.

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