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Cosmetic Injection in Santa Rosa, CA

When you start noticing visible signs of aging on your face, it’s usually due to a loss of volume in your skin. Facial tissue begins to thin out and lines start to develop around the nose, mouth, and cheeks. Using cosmetic injections, dermal fillers can replace this lost volume and help you start looking youthful again!

Rejuvenate Your Look

When you start aging, your skin starts to lose some of the fullness it once had, and you can start experiencing wrinkles, thin lips, and sagging skin. Dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin and can help smoothen lines and wrinkles and soften some of the creases that may have developed on your face.

Certain areas on your face, like your cheeks, can start looking hollow and sunken in. Cosmetic injections can help enhance these areas and restore the volume that has been lost. You can also improve symmetry among your facial features and start evening certain areas out.

Dermal fillers can also help to plump up your lips again after they’ve become thin and brittle. You may have vertical lines around your lips, and with fillers, you can get rid of these lines. Fillers are designed to do so much for your skin and they can help you feel confident again. You’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be truly happy with what you see.

There are different types of cosmetic injections that you can choose from and your dermatologist can work with you to choose the option that works best for the issues that you’re trying to treat.

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