Psoriasis Treatment Options

NorCal Dermatology with Dr. Khanh Truong and Dr. Henry DeGroot can provide psoriasis treatment for Santa Rosa, CA, that minimizes your pain and suffering. Understanding the many care options available can make this process smoother and more effective for you.


Our NorCal Dermatology team will likely prescribe these medications to you to manage mild to moderate psoriasis. They come in oils, creams, lotions, gels, foams, sprays, shampoos, and ointments. They typically spread on the sensitive areas of your skin to help minimize your psoriasis outbreaks. They're a significant first step but are typically phased out because they may lose effectiveness.

Synthetic Vitamin D

Various types of artificial vitamin D can help your skin's health and minimize the adverse effects of psoriasis. This method is often used for people with sun sensitivity because it helps replace the vitamin D they don't produce by avoiding UV rays. These creams are typically used when corticosteroids stop working or your case becomes more challenging to manage.

Other Topical Therapies

Most types of psoriasis treatment for Santa Rosa, CA, include topical creams similar to the above options that help minimize rash spread and keep you healthy. Just a few options that you may get from our care team at NorCal Dermatology include:

  • Calcineurin inhibitors can calm your rash and reduce scaly buildup on the affected areas
  • Salicylic acid helps to reduce scaling throughout your skin
  • Coal tar further reduces itching, inflammation, and scaling on your skin

Light Therapy

Severe psoriasis may require light therapy. This method uses various combinations of light to help reduce your symptoms. For example, you may receive brief daily exposure to sunlight or concentrated UV rays to help manage some symptoms. Those with sun sensitivity may need more specialized light therapy to get relief using this calming and effective care option.

For example, Goeckerman therapy uses light and coal therapy to help minimize your symptoms. Varying methods, like UVB broadband, UVB narrowband, and UVB phototherapy, can also help decrease your psoriasis symptoms and provide effective relief. Some may even get help from an excimer laser that uses concentrated light only on the affected skin areas.


In some cases, oral medications that help improve your skin health may help against psoriasis. This care option is often used as a supplemental method, meaning it's used in combination with other therapies.

Take Care of Your Psoriasis

There's no reason that you have to live with this painful condition. Instead, you can call us at NorCal Dermatology to get help from Dr. Truong and Dr. DeGroot to get psoriasis treatment in Santa Rosa, CA, that works for you. Call us at (707) 527-9517 to learn more about your options.

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